The computer i'm running at the moment is a total mish mash of parts that crawled it's way from something i originally owned as all new parts and was pretty high end, and now that i think about it i dont know that any single component has remained since it's heyday. its found upgrade in the form of a carepackaging from an uncle still working in IT at the time and doing upgrades about the place and literally salvage from at least two roadside throwaways.
It's a love hate relationship and i think that ive formed a connection with it such as one might have with a cranky neighbour or a workmate you enjoy tormenting but miss on holidays.

Garbox is currently running;
intel core2 6300
3gb RAM
nvidia 7800GT
and three sata bricks for storage.

any given day i expect this machine to literally set itself on fire, but since it serves its purpose reasonably well it has remained, clinging to the edge to obsolescence.