Thursday, September 4, 2014


So i haven't played again since last i logged off, having slaughtered (clickity) the mangled scorpion which had wounded a nearby troll.
This gap has left me with a day to think about WoW a little and what i had expected going in. I expected a robust, lore driven, detailed, lovely world which has been crafted for my unique character to tromp about in having adventures and juggling loot.

I logged in to a bland space for my cardboard character to run through animations while i click on things.

I've very deeply concerned that my goal, to create an orc with an axe, was met within two minutes.. since character creation was the orc and i started with an axe.

I have since downloaded enough to get to the 'optimal' play point, and i am level 5 now, so perhaps something will explode and catch my attention.

One can only hope.

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