Wednesday, September 3, 2014


One hour in!

hugely unimpressed.

sadly so.

Early game content is usually pretty fluffy, to try to get you used to systems and introduce you to the feel of the setting and whatnot.

So far i feel like this is a world filled with lore... somewhere else - while i run around and click on something from time to time. I can't really understand why people slag off on games like proteus and shelter as walking simulators, and i've not really seen anyone level the same hammer at this.

for the record i didn't particularly enjoy either of those two titles either, finding them tedious at best, but it was apparent that this was part of the core. Shelter is supposed to be drawn out run from a all the way to b, proteus offers its' scenery as exploratory fodder. Thus far, WoW has area to cover between click points, which them selves only seem to offer breaks for all the area to cover.

I also hate the inventory system. It seems oddly fiddly, coming from the guys who basically set the template for inventory management styles.

Hm. That's enough for now.

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