Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Banner Saga

So I missed all the kickstarter stuff for this game way back when. I played a little bit of factions when it was released, updating every other day and limited right down, testing the waters. The art style is wonderful, forgoing anything 'digital' for a genuinely lovely hand-drawn touch and feel. I liked the combat, and was sort of getting better, though generally atill getting served morw than my ego was pleased with.
(There was also a big pile of legal drama in between, but who wants to rehash that crap)

Fast forward.. 2 years? I ended up grabbing it not long ago when it was available for the cheaps as part of the humble bargain marathon, whatever it was, since it was cheaper than normal retail and came with a few extras. Then I waited for a while because I'm lazy and easily distracted.

Anyway, im in love with it all over again. I've only played through to the 3rd chapter so far but it's got its hooks in deep. All of what I already appreciated is still present, but the single player also has this fully realised story with richly detailed maps, lore that flows nicely with more depth accessible on my terms and a level of storytelling and character development that seema both natural and weighty.

I know my choices will have consequence but I am not sure when they will surface, whatvthey will be, or how much they will matter.
And in the game.

I'm still pretty terrible at the combat, but rarely do I feel cheated - more that decisions ive made in placement or priority ought to have been thought over a little more.

Its my newest 'oh when do I get to play it again' game, thinking about it all times of the day and hanging out for the next chance I can get.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Steam Summer Sale 2014

So the madness begins, but ive noticed more and more as times go by the the madness is moreso the spectre of times gone than actual batshit crazyness. For one the structure these days is largely known and its just down to the theme mostly and the function of bonuses etc.
The more recent addition of trading cards narrows the field of expectation even further.

I dunno, I'm still excited though, all that said. Its a major event in my particular area of interest and it generates a lot of talk and focus.

I probably wont buy much though, if anything. I love the saley vibe but bundles are my vice of choice and I have a ridiculously long backlog.

Mind you I said that last time and still spent more than intended by a long shot.