Wednesday, September 3, 2014


So in 2001 having freshly 'graduated' from high school and living in my uncles' basement living area, word was out of blizzard making some kind of online world where i could be an orc. not any old orc but a blizzard orc, like the ones i had shuffled around and sent to their victo.. doom, usually, for years.

i cant be bothered going back and framing this as a researched thing with release dates and boring factual crap, but i was excited. I thought it was a great idea from a great company doing great things. I was all the way down on Diablo 2 at the time, making characters up to level 20 and burning them away to make a new one. Why? .. i dont know. Because clickity clickity, i guess.
But i never played WoW. It's 2014 and i never got around to playing. not even once.
When i moved out from said uncle, i left behind cable internet and went back to dial up. I had no steady income to pay for this preposterous subscription nonsense and that was about it really.

I have since been quite aware of its existence and the shadow it casts across gaming as a whole, from influences obvious in dev's trying to clone the lightning and sell it as their own, to those who would rather hold wow up as what they are not. To genres even dipping their toes into the brine of RPG to any depth the effects this hulk of an entity shoes its' presence.

I've been playing hearthstone for a couple of months now (super casually) and in doing so received an email telling me i get a 30 day free time gift for wow.

I rather think it's about time for me to make this orc.

Zug zug.

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