Saturday, December 14, 2013


So trying out something different I thought id give left 4 dead a try.
Zombies are fun to shoot. This game is fun to play. Sort of.
I guess I came into it expecting something a little different but I walked into this and had no idea what to do. Which ends up being partially due to some of the cool stuff it does. I did not realise that the game was designed with drop in play in mind and personally ive not had much experience with this stuff. So i waltz in and I think yup some shooty time and im looking for play single player campaign, but straight up its giving me options for multi player. Straight my busted old ass feels very lost.
That all said, when you actually get to playing its pretty cool. I can see why its become a long time favourite and how it helped solidify valve's position as designers and developers. (As opposed to distributors and sale mongers.)
The gunplay feels fun in the same way that half life 2 did, which given the same engine is unsurprising.
So it does everything it said it would and a little extra on top.. why do I feel somehow unsatisfied?
I believe its to do with me personally,  having a fragile ego I dont like to feel stupid. But more interestingly, I think its the pervasive multiplayer element. I enjoy it much when its working but so far ive had a couple experiences that dented the corners.
Trying to look for a game when no players exist.
Trying to join a game to hear a (possibly) 11 year old complain about local servers.
Trying to remain patient while laying prone for a bit too long, while others ran around clearing the area, and he next bit.. and the next bit.
The thing is that these problems, such as they are, are inherent to wide open multiplayer... and I still want to get amongst it and kill more infected.

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