Monday, December 30, 2013

Burst Fire

Ok. Slack. Whatever. Self depreciation elsewhere.

Last night took a crack at 4 new games:
Bad Hotel, Jack Lumber, Hero Academy and Rogue Legacy. I also downloaded Postmortem: One Must Die (extended cut) but Rogue Legacy happened and Rogue Legacy which Rogue Legacy.

Turns out i played them in order of the most interesting of the night at least, and i feel that in terms of lasting impact this order will continue to remain true.

Bad Hotel is a tower defence game. Which feels odd as you start. feels real odd. feels dead simple with a garish colour branding and wicked simple clickity gameplay.
and you play for about 5 minutes and the obscure pulsating rhythm of the money beat gets under your skin. the lack of fixed building positions gives you an unusual type of freedom in the genre, and the silly monsters just dont ever actually piss you off. i didnt find myself screaming at the world ending bastard green seagull, merely thinking to myself 'bugger, he got through'.

you are a dude running a hotel. there are building the earn you coin, and building that take more coins but shoot stuff. stuff attacks you. different stuff attacks in different ways. boom. go.

through it all there seems to be a solid distillation of the core mechanics inherent in most tower defence games, so as it flits between its two types of phase (chillax and build stuff, crazy enemy spam) you just plug away and then you either win or don't. its straightforward approach and gameplay make it both easy to pick up and hard to recommend.

I played it for about an hour, and i feel like it was nice enough but i wouldnt really care if i never played it again.
id rate it worth a gold coin, but i think anything above that will leave you a little disappointed.

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