Thursday, December 5, 2013

restart before ignition

so my original intention with this blog was to basically chew through my gaming pile of shame and simultaneously push myself to write a little more. the latter is self explanatory but the former i had actually put some thought into.

1) - one week per game at most, 2 per hours per game at least.
i had thought that this would allow me enough time for a game that had gotten its hooks in to successfully wind its way through and out of my system without feeling rushed, but still keep me moving. the smaller window was for both games that are content light but fun to be experienced without being burnt forced for a week, and for games that just arent very good. i have a high tolerance to crap and if i think its not worth the effort after a solid two hours then im out.

2) - expectations, mid play, final thoughts.
i wanted to basically set up standard points for review to start to organise my mind as i played and to set up a reference for what i was actually thinking in case i got lost in the middle somewhere.

3) - the hook.
i kind figured that with my passion in gaming as a culture and a good reason to play and scribe that i could put myself as some kind of pathfinder for people in similar positions to me.
which is to say: cash light, free time highly variable (due to work, children, a working spouse and my own 8pm til 6am work) and not interested in new for new's sake.

i started well enough, i ran though my first game with this format in mind and then halfway through my second i realised i had some problems. I chose assassins creed as my first game. my second was batman arkham asylum. i never got around to playing either prior and it was actually an excellend choice as far as setting me straight to my plans.

firstly, the review part was completely unecessary. a large part of my pile of shame is containts a lot of reasonably old examples and doesnt need yet another cutting edge raving review to push out into the interwebs. my expectations were heavily influenced, my mid play analysis said nothing particularly new and my final thoughts were much the same. i felt as though i had things to say about the future of things, but in this example my thoughts were already 4 major releases lagged behind and it seemed very unnecessary to voice my thoughts.
basically i feel somewhat stifled by the the spot i am left in.

this also ties into my budget mindedness.

i get a lot of bundles. these tend to have either older shiny release stuff which has already been played to death by every reviewer and youtuber with a letsplay following, or is a newish indie release which again given the nature of indie mouth-frothers has already got a large enough vocal community of vehement supporters. like a local sportclub ballteam.

and i guess.. batman AA kinda ruined me. it was so good. i still want to 100% all over its face. i still want to play it, but my own rules say i ought not. and my free time means its very hard to manage my game time effetively over multiple entries.

so. effectively the best i can manage is that i will indeed try to stay true to my original idea, but not be so stuck to it to not have fun. its not paying the bills, its me trying to engage with all i have at my disposal for maximum entertainment.

instead of a weekly blog of a single game everyone knows i will try to just put up my own little record of what im doing as it relates to games or gaming culture and see if any of you are interested. to see if anyone wants to build a community of like minded people with similar challanges to overcome in their fundoms.

so again, i don't know that anything im going to want to put out there will be groundbreakingly new or at all necessary. but perhaps it will be amusing enough to stay tuned. let me know if it is.


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